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Loyal Fitness founded by Louis Gleize has blown up as an athleisure apparel brand

Many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs but they don’t realize the hard work and dedication that goes to starting from scratch and building a strong base. Louis Gleize is one individual who has fought against all odds and established himself as a budding entrepreneur.

Gleize is the founder of Loyal Fitness, an athleisure brand that was established in 2014. At only 17 years old, Louis started the brand, he quit his studies when he was 19 years old and decided to focus all his attention on Loyal Fitness. in 2016, Gleize came out with his first-ever collection which was a hit amongst consumers and was sold out quickly. Since then, Loyal Fitness has blown up to large proportions and every year they come out with multiple collections that are loved by followers of the brand. Loyal Fitness has a very dedicated customer base and even the logo of Loyal Fitness reflects the vision that Louis had when he first started his company.

The crown was chosen to represent becoming the king/queen of accomplishing personal goals, and the “L” was selected to encourage people to stay loyal to their quest for success. Overall, the logo is intended to be a symbol of accomplishment, support, and loyalty.

Louis is a big believer in giving back to the community for its growth and because of that, every purchase made at Loyal Fitness has a portion of it that gets donated to charity.

When Louis was asked about why he wanted to become an entrepreneur, he shared, “Ever since I was a kid, I admired the likes of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs, people who made a name for themselves as self-made entrepreneurs.”

He further added, “I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur too so when I grew up I started studying and researching more about it. My other passion is fitness, so I combined both my passions and that is how Loyal Fitness was born.”

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