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Longest-running children’s animated series ‘Arthur’ will conclude on its 25 season

“Arthur,” the hit PBS Kids animated program from the 1990s that showed children social learning and inclusion, is reaching a conclusion by 2022.

The show, in light of writer Marc Brown’s 1976 children’s books with a similar title, will have its 25th and last season one year from now, The Associated Press (AP) announced.

Notwithstanding the books, the adventures and slice-of-life stories from the glasses-wearing, yellow-sweatered aardvark and his companions has been a childhood touchstone since the show first aired 1996.

The series was known for its exercises on generosity, sympathy and incorporation.

In the 22nd season premiere, the character Mr. Ratburn comes out as gay and weds to another person on the show. Arthur and his companions erroneously accept that Mr. Ratburn will wed an alternate, more grating person voiced by entertainer Jane Lynch. The children tell Mr. Ratburn that he merits “to be with someone who is nice, kind, fun to be with — someone who likes him just the way he is.” They’re then, at that point amazed and cheerful when they see Mr. Ratburn is marrying another character.

As well as presenting a gay character and marriage, the TV show additionally aired public service declarations on racial inequality and wearing a mask.

Longtime author of the show Kathy Waugh was a visitor on the “Finding DW” podcast, an unofficial podcast made by one of the former child actors. She said the animated series is at this point not underway, saying the wrap party occurred two years prior.

“I think (PBS) made a mistake, and I think ‘Arthur’ should come back and I know I’m not alone in thinking they made a mistake,” Waugh said. “I don’t know if it was a rating issue or if it felt like it needed to be retired.”

PBS Kids will keep on-air reruns of the show, as indicated by Executive Producer Carol Greenwald.

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