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Logitech Presents the New G309 Wireless Gaming Mouse with Lightspeed Technology

Competent gamers have a high standard for performance, comfort, and dependability in their mouse selections. Excellent wireless performance, minimal latency, precise control, light weight, and smooth synchronization with the player’s motions are all necessary for a truly superb gaming mouse.

Logitech created the G309 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse in response to this demand. This high-end mouse boasts a newly designed ergonomic shape, dual-wireless connectivity, a 25K tracking sensor, and six configurable buttons and wheels.

Utilizing Logitech’s hallmark technologies, including the HERO 25K sensor, Powerplay functionality, and Lightspeed wireless connectivity, is the G309 Lightspeed mouse. All of this is included in a mouse that has been priced more sensibly.

An AA battery may be used with or without the G309 Lightspeed. The G309 can be made even lighter and more maneuverable by removing the 18g AA battery and utilizing Logitech G’s optional PowerPlay wireless charging technology.

The cutting-edge HERO 25K DPI sensor in this revolutionary gaming mouse uses less power. With a 1ms report rate, the G309 can run on a single AA battery for almost 300 hours. When the G309’s connectivity mode is changed from Lightspeed to standard Bluetooth, its battery life doubles to almost 600 hours.

The Logitech G309 Lightspeed is a relatively lightweight and portable device in spite of its cutting-edge features. The G309 weighs only 86g when the battery is fitted; without the battery, it weighs only 68g when using PowerPlay.

The G309’s lightspeed wireless technology makes it faster than the majority of wired mouse, making it perfect for high-performance gaming. With no acceleration or smoothing, the G309 can achieve a resolution of up to 25,600 DPI by integrating Lightspeed with Logitech G’s HERO 25K sensor.

With the Device Pairing Tool from G Hub, Lightspeed may link two devices to a single receiver. Gamers, who own the recently released Logitech G515 TKL Lightspeed gaming keyboard, can utilize the G309 Lightspeed mouse with the same receiver as their game keyboard.

The hybrid optical-mechanical switches of the G309 are quick, dependable, and accurate. Galvanic contact components, which function similarly to mechanical switches, are used in these Lightforce switches to provide gratifyingly haptic feedback. The switches are equipped with dependable optical and mechanical triggers that feature ultra-low-latency optical actuation.

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