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Live Ur Life by Malin-G ft. Thiunife out 5 Dec

Malin-G is a Dance EDM musician with a focus on House music. They have recently released their latest single, “Live Ur Life,” which has a focus on remembering that no matter how difficult life may be, you have to keep on living.

Malin-G is due to release the remix featuring spanish singer Thiunife on the 5th of December. The sound is truly amazing with a dance mix to accompany it.

“Live Ur Life” will be the song of 2020. The appeal is for all people of the world to come together. The message is clear in the spanish mix, which embodies the entire vision of Malin-G, which is to unite the people of the world in this very difficult time.

While this track has a fun and upbeat sound to it, the meaning behind it is much deeper and heavier. It discusses loss and the pain that so many people have gone through this year. The track is focused on moving forward and continuing on, even in the harshest of circumstances.

Malin-G as a whole is focused on capturing the feelings of everyone who is going through some kind of hard time or struggle, especially in the time of the pandemic. They themselves have lost work, family and so much more. This concept is completely relatable in today’s world. It truly creates a connection between the artist and the fan. Both their platform and their music are great reasons to take a look at this interesting artist.


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