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Learn How Nicola Napolitano Generated Over 200K with One W-commerce Store

Who Is Nicola Napolitano?

Nicola is an experienced online e-commerce entrepreneur. He was born in 1995 in Rionero in Vulture, a city in Basilicata. This successful businessman works online, managing the online presence of many companies and influencers. He had a passion for music since he was a child, and it pushed him to begin a musical journey with his band. Subsequently, he began his path when he joined the fashion industry, establishing himself on Instagram as an Influencer and Photomodel.

Nicola makes sure that everything he does is accompanied by important numbers and an adequate marketing strategy. Therefore, he started getting passionate about everything related to social media marketing and public figures’ online presence. Behind the scenes, he started managing many influencers with millions of followers. When companies noticed his abilities, they began collaborating by managing the background of all social networks.

Reaching 200k in Profit

Nicola’s dreams and goals made him create a clothing brand. However, he had little money to invest, but he did not give up. He created accessories such as futuristic glasses that sold out. This year, he decided to open various e-commerce and dropshipping stores online. Unfortunately, they failed several times. A ray of hope appeared in March of 2020 when he reached 200k in profit with just one e-commerce store that sells simple presets for photos. This achievement motivated him to achieve more in his success journey. He encourages his students to not give up but to work hard to achieve great success: mentorship and successful consulting created his talent in creating successful and sustainable e-commerce stores. Nicola is now an expert in this industry and has helped most of his students achieve 7 figure profits. He sees dreams and goals as a running train because they have helped him get to where he is today.

You too can become an expert in e-commerce with help from Nicola. For more information about this industry, contact Nicola on Instagram.

Nicola Napolitano

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