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Leading New York Attorney Bryan M. Goldstein Shares Insights to Minimize Stress During a Divorce

If you´re ready to divorce your spouse – regardless of your reasons to do so– there are a few key aspects you should be mindful of in order to minimize the stress that comes with the separation and secure your inner peace and emotional stability throughout this challenging process.

New York Matrimonial and Family Attorney Bryan M. Goldstein shares a few insights that might be very helpful:

  • Children should always come first.

Getting divorced is tough, but it can be devastating for your kids if the process isn´t handled properly. Remember that children yearn for a sense of security and stability, and while there might not be a way to salvage your marriage, making sure that your little ones know that both parents love them and will continue to care for them regardless of whether or not they are no longer married to each other is the best way to protect their psychological and emotional wellbeing during this extremely difficult time.

  • Your choice of divorce lawyer makes a big difference.

Your choice of attorney will ultimately determine how much peace of mind you will get to enjoy during the entire process of your divorce. A competent and diligent lawyer will not only help protect your financial interests, but may also provide priceless advice on how to handle the entire process. Experience dealing with adversarial spouses, the ability to successfully handle complex negotiations and a variety of legal matters related to the divorce itself is of paramount importance; But so is the personal touch, and any lawyer you entrust with your case should make you feel protected and well represented at all times.

  • Protect your feelings but keep emotions under control.

Remember to keep your emotions in check. Particularly anger and sadness. Regardless of the reasons behind the dissolution of your marriage, you should always look at divorce as a legal process.

If you allow yourself to get carried away with negative emotions or take an overly contentious stance, you will end up complicating things even more and feeling emotionally drained.

You can always reach out to a licensed therapist if you feel like you could use some help with learning coping skills and other mechanisms to safeguard your mind space from unwanted anxiety or depression.

Finally, remember that divorce is ultimately the key to a new beginning. Remind yourself of the positive aspects and possibilities that come with it.

Bryan M. Goldstein is a respected member of New York’s legal community and a recipient of the prestigious “Top 10 Under 40” recognition from the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys; He has also championed the concept of “compassionate representation” and is an active and devoted member of his local community.

“I am responsive, caring, and compassionate, always working toward my client’s desired goals with honesty, ethics, and professionalism” – Bryan M. Goldstein, Esq.

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