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Leading his way to the top as an internationally known gamer and video content creator is Zachary Tarnopol, aka Poke

This young creative entrepreneur is sending waves of inspiration to the world with his increasing popularity as an influencer to the next generation.

If we look very closely around us, we would realize the fact that all of us are actually surrounded by the rise of many digital mediums. It is the digital wave that has taken over almost all business industries and has been giving opportunities to many youngsters out to there to tap the rising online sectors and take out the best out of it. Zachary Tarnopol, also known as Poke is one amongst these growing young talents who knew since the beginning that the creative and online world has the potential for them to lead the industry like a professional and expert. Poke today is the owner of his firm called Poke Media LLC, which is a growing business in the online world that focuses on content production and creation, reaching more people, and influencing the young minds of the next generation.

The 22-year-old gamer and YouTube sensation grew up in a small town called Orland Park, Chicago, IL and was born in 1998. He was raised with his parents and two siblings. As a kid, Poke always felt an unusual connection with the world of YouTube and this made him think that he could disrupt this medium in his own way and create a career out of the same. As a teenager, he began understanding the process of YouTube and through the process, realized the various challenges that acted as roadblocks to his YouTube career. Learning through the process, by the age of 14, he learnt to create revenue streams through content creation. Very smartly, Poke learnt how to balance the business and the community side of YouTube to his advantage and created content that connected the right chords with his audience.

Today, Poke at only 22, is an internationally renowned gamer, video and content creator who over the years has created a loyal community of subscribers on his YouTube channel ( with nearly 4.54 Million people and has earned more than 1 Billion YouTube video views.

He is an innovative Roblox creator as well who has more than a million followers, which is a game creation system that allows users to program as well as play games. He is one of the most popular Roblox content creators who bring the world together through play and creates innovative experiences for all the youngsters under the age of 18.

Poke has transformed into a successful influencer and content creator who makes every significant effort, whether small or big to create an impact on the minds of the next generation as a YouTuber and as an entrepreneur who provides entertainment and teaches various lessons through his firm with the help of games and real-life content that makes the younger generation learn better.

Some of the most famous music hit videos that Poke created are Ant, SeeDeng, Poke – PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO), which made 18 million + views on YouTube with 325K likes. He also has a verified account on all his social media platforms; for example, check out his Instagram ( to know the follower and fan base this young creative influencer enjoys.

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