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Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Have Worries About Knicks: NBA Rumors

Until pen is put to paper, Boston Celtics fans will stress over Kyrie Irving perhaps spurning the C’s this summer and signing with the New York Knicks.

Indeed, those fans may have motivation to inhale somewhat less demanding.

Bits of gossip have glided for some time since Irving and Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant needed to unite in New York this mid year. What’s more, however Irving back in October showed he needed to re-sign in Boston, he fanned the New York blazes toward the start of February by strolling his responsibility to the Celtics back a little bit.

In any case, as FOX Sports 1’s Chris Broussard was clarifying the perfect situation for the Los Angeles Clippers this mid year, he tucked in a chunk about Irving and Durant’s New York prospects.

“The dream scenario for the Clippers is Kawhi (Leonard) and KD,” Broussard said on FS1’s “First Things First” on Wednesday. “And I was told yesterday by a good source — we all know Kyrie and KD are considering the Knicks, right? But I was told that they have some apprehensions about New York. Why? Because of the media, which makes all the sense in the world from what we’ve seen. That could benefit the Clippers.”

For Irving’s situation, it appears as though the Celtics making sense of their issues and starting to win all the more routinely would fix a lot of his revealed reservations — and Tuesday’s tidying of the Warriors is by all accounts a positive development. Actually Irving is so prominent, as is Durant, that they won’t most likely maintain a strategic distance from the media spotlight wherever they go, so throughout the following couple of months they’ll need to figure out what their needs are.

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