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Key points that DJs should know from the language of Shoeib Mardani “shebi” famous and well-known Iranian DJ

Key points that a DJ should know!

 Ear training:

Cognition is one of the five human senses, which is performed by an organ called the ear. Take care of your corners. Human ears are divine blessings for which there is no substitute. Your ears will be damaged if they are exposed to loud noise. Do not accustom your ears to loud noise in vain.

Be careful when using headphones. The sound of your headphones should be appropriate. By increasing the volume of the headphones, you will only damage your own corners. Especially if you use headphones to listen to the music of the phone or the accompanying players, adjust the volume so that your ears are not full after picking up, and you can easily hear the surrounding sound.

Pay attention to all the details of music You as a DJ must pay attention to all the details and details of a music. The ability to recognize the sounds that make up a song individually (,., Kick, pad, lead, chord, percussion, hihat, bass) is a special privilege, which is possible with attention and practice in listening to music. You need to have professional audio equipment, such as a sound monitor that delivers sound to you in all its details and in a healthy way.

Rest your ears The human ear, like any other organ in the body, needs rest. Do not notice that your ears are working at all hours of your mental and physical activity. Especially when performing a music program that uses your ears in a focused way. So be sure to spend hours in silence, or at least quietly, after the performance.

 Use of soundproofing equipment If you are exposed to a lot of noise, be sure to use special soundproofing, so that your ears are not damaged unintentionally. These silencers keep your senses healthy. As a DJ, you need a lot of strong corners and high accuracy. All your professional activity is under your ears.

Musical literacy:

Learn Music Theory: As someone with an artistic background in music, you need to be familiar with the basics of music. Is it possible that someone works in music and does not know about definitions such as: beat, bar, scale and؟? Know that almost 100% of the world’s top DJs are professional composers and have a thorough knowledge of music theory and the basics of acoustic and electrical composition.

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