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Jewell Farshad Lands the Cover Of Vigour Magazine

Jewell Farshad is an Actress, Model, and Influencer who has landed the highly coveted cover of Vigour Magazine just a few years into her career. The exotic beauty was born in Iran and is not a stranger in posing for the camera. She has been published in several magazines and online publications.

Jewell’s Vigour cover was shot in Los Angeles by Connor Clayton. Jewell was styled in high fashion couture by Trendhause, a high-end fashion showroom. Jewell’s hair was slicked back to show off her perfect bone structure, and she was dressed up in a form-fitting black couture dress by Alpana Neeraj and headpiece designed exclusively for her by Arturo Rios. The cover girl’s makeup was finished to perfection by Jean Kim.

Jewell’s spread reflects the strong and fierce female perspective, and there is no doubt she is: powerful, independent, and driven. However, Jewell is not just a beautiful face. Besides being an Internationally recognizable actress and model with an impressive resume, she has a list of accomplishments under her belt, including being a trilingual actress and writer and a women’s rights advocate.

Jewell has recently picked up a fourth language and is practising her French during the lockdown. When she is not jetting around the world for various modeling assignments, she likes to work out, practice Pilates, dines out, and hang out by the beach with her apricot pomeranian Butters.

Jewell can be followed on Instagram @JewellFarshad

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