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Jan Jens Shares a Positive Outlook for the Luxury Rental Market in 2021

Travel and tourism are becoming a reality again after the lockdown. It isn’t for everyone financially speaking, because everyone suffered during the economic slowdown, but weekend vacations are starting to become a thing, and for travelers who prefer economic holidays, staying at Airbnbs is the perfect way to decrease spending. 29-year-old Jan Jens had the same idea in mind for the perfect method of travel living when he founded and scaled the Jatina Group, a luxury rental brand.

The Jatina Group is a multi-million-dollar luxury rental business started in Miami, Florida by Jan. Yet, when he arrived in the US six years ago from Germany, Jan wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. Before that, he was involved in his family’s construction business, which was a day job that he wasn’t really interested in. “We vacationed in Miami when I was a child and somehow, the place stayed with me. I had to do whatever I could to get back here,” said Jan. so He left his comfortable job to come here, motivated by his own passion and desire to build something of his own. Today, he is among some of the most promising solopreneurs in the market. In fact, since 2015 to 2017, he ran his company alone and made about $2.5 million in revenue and only then did he hire the six people who currently work for him. In 2018, Jatina Group hit $7.5 million in revenue.

However, starting the business itself wasn’t a piece of cake. “I must have done hundreds of hours of research before I understood the market. I eventually asked my dad for a loan, which was a scary responsibility, and rented a high-end villa in Miami where I started my business,” said Jan. He wasn’t one to consider his father’s loan as a gift either. Subletting properties and then renting them out on online rental services like Airbnb, he had made enough money within the first 3 months itself to pay back his father the full amount of the loan. Within the first year, he had broken the $1 million mark in terms of revenue working alone.

“This is just the beginning. I want Jatina to make $10.5 million this year,” added Jan. There is no doubt that with his motivation, this will be an easy goal.

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