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Jack of all trades and also the Master of All, young entrepreneur Diego Aponte is the new phenomenon hovering over the world of Real Estate

Real Estate Investing is an art in truest sense.When an individual shuns the traditional way of wholesaling and flipping contract and chooses to go the way that is less trodden is considered a true Entrepreneur.

And the best possible way to demonstrate this through an example that is ever so inspiring is by that of Florida based entrepreneur,Diego Aponte’s Life.

Through the lane of his vivid memory, we get transported to times when Diego Aponte began his journey by selling tapes.

To come from an impoverished family,he knew the value of making a living since the Inception of his childhood.

His mother had set a strong example of hard work by juggling between jobs to support the livelihood of her family.

Being the eldest in his family, Diego Aponte took the ownership of building a sustainable life for himself and his family.

But little did he know that his ambition and his zest to live larger than life would bring him so far in this realm of entrepreneurship.

Working religiously since the age of 12 by sealing deals for 5 thousand dollars to owning his first property at the age of 15, Diego Aponte had started buliding his own bright future.

Inspite of many hardships in life like losing his house or being the victim of The Great Recession in 2010,he never gave up and strived hard to start from the scratch.

He would flip propertiesto other hedge funds, investor groups, remodel and resell properties for greater profits.Gradually he built a strong base of business.

After years of hard work and sweat, Diego Aponte owns real estate assets worth $50 Million.

He has been churning out revenues worth billions through successful collaborations.

This story is a true testament of rags to riches and worth all the accolades.
An inspiration as such is no longer a story but a legacy.

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