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Interview with Saeed Shams about tours and performances

Saeed Shams is one of the most famous music arrangers who has collaborated with many famous singers.  The musician first started working with the keyboard and piano, and after a while decided to work as an arranger.  In addition to arranging himself, he has released two songs so far and is known as a singer and arranger.

   Babak Jahanbakhsh, Armin Zarei (Armin 2afm), Ashwan and Yaser Bakhtiari, Reza Sadeghi, Ali Yassini, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Ali Saleh and Ali Reza Pouya are among his collaborations.  He has a history of collaborating with various songs and also due to working with these singers in many of these concerts as a musician on various instruments has appeared on stage and has made him one of the most famous musicians in Iran.

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