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‘I can be Bryce’: He has more opportunity in Philadelphia, Bryce Harper says

A few people can’t help themselves, can they?

Bryce Harper, the previous Nationals star and current Phillies outfielder, by and by stood out as truly newsworthy Thursday evening after his remarks about how his experience today is unique in relation to it was three or four years prior.

The previous essence of the Nationals doesn’t plainly reference a particular issues during his time in the country’s capital, however he talks glowingly about his recently discovered opportunity to express his real thoughts inferring that he didn’t have a similar extravagance in Washington.

“I feel like I speak more free here in Philadelphia than I did prior, being able to talk to you guys and just be myself, I guess you could say. That’s always fun,” Harper said.

“I don’t know, I love playing in Philadelphia, too. So I feel like I can take advantage of that and be Bryce and just be myself here in Philadelphia. They’ve never once said to me ‘Calm down, or do this or do that, we want you to be this type or that type.’ They’ve kind of just let me be me, and they’ve liked that as well. And I really just appreciate the Philly organization for doing that for me.”

The ramifications here is that Harper’s previous association the Nationals didn’t let him “be Bryce.”

Obviously, Harper’s past statements, even as of late as 2018, recount an alternate story of his experience with the Nats.

Harper could be alluding to anyone, including partners, the actual establishment, nearby media individuals or even fans in the city.

As the most profoundly promoted draft prospect in many years, Harper confronted gigantic assumptions after he’d been drafted first generally in 2010.

And keeping in mind that he set up himself as a star and even won a MVP grant, the group’s postseason disappointments were frequently held against him.

Whatever Harper is thinking, it is ideal for him that he is glad to be in Philadelphia.

His 13-year super agreement won’t be up until 2032, so he actually has an additional 11 years to go to express his real thoughts so openly with his new group.

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