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How top jewelers compete with the growing competition in Diamond District New York according to Jeweler Sean Diamond

The Diamond District strip is one of the most sought-after jewelry markets in the world. It has exponentially risen to fame in the past decade due to several reasons. This includes the influence of pop culture and the unmatched quality available there. This has generated a mass influx of jewelers into the market, both seasoned ones and new ones. However, only a few have what it takes to stay ahead of the curve and make a name for themselves in the market.

Sean Diamond has been into jewelry ever since he was a kid from the age of only thirteen years old. His mesmerization at the sight of jewelry has helped him discover his passion and was fortunate enough to turn it into a profession for himself. Jewelers like him with such an experience in the Diamond District did not all start from shops but had to hustle from a tender age. Even before officially setting up a shop, Sean could easily arrange anything his friends and family needed through just a single phone call. It was due to his immense networking and connecting skills.

To give us a better idea of what goes inside the Diamond District, Sean Diamond shares some of the key skills he has observed in other top jewelers and also applies to himself.

No Client is Big Or Small

“It doesn’t matter if a client is spending one thousand dollars or fifty thousand dollars, you have to treat them alike. This leaves a seriously nice impact on the clients and you become their go-to guy for life. The one thousand dollar client won’t go to anyone else when they are planning to make a larger purchase”, says Sean.

Integrity and Respect Go A Long Way

“I see many jewelers try to trick their customers into buying something that is not much of a good purchase. It may be something undervalued or with a fault in it. In no case do I ever even consider doing such a thing. You may get away with it once and make a few bucks but you end up losing a client for life and a lot of bad rep comes with it as well. Another thing I notice is jewelers trying to be too frank and comfortable with their clients. Even though they have the best intentions in mind, clients can sometimes misinterpret this as disrespect”, shares Sean.  

Being Open and Honest

“Jewelers are very afraid to lose a client and for that, they can sometimes be dishonest and linger them on if they cannot arrange what the client wants. There is no point in doing so and it only irritates the client. Always be honest and open about what you can and cannot do for the client. Most clients value their jewelers being honest to them about this thing in particular,” adds Sean in the end.

Sean Diamond deals in all sorts of custom jewelry, watches, and wedding rings. He is also leading the expansion of the Diamond District to Miami.

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