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How To Achieve A Sustainable Lifestyle With Melanie Avalon

As a rising biohacker and influencer, Melanie Avalon is obsessed with exploring the details when it comes to health, continuously striving to find the dietary and lifestyle choices that will enhance not only her life, but that of her audience. A key message from her is supporting a sustainable diet. For Melanie, consuming healthy meals is just as important as evaluating the food producers that provide those meals. “I cannot encourage people enough to thoroughly do their research and vet out their food producers,” she states. 

Melanie considers herself macronutrient and dietary dogma agnostic. As she explains, the food we eat today is what makes our future cells. Thus, to sustain our future bodies, we need to make sure that we consume the most compatible and nontoxic source materials possible. 

The secret behind maintaining a sustainable diet is simple: choose food producers with a holistic approach towards plants and animals. Such a dietary lifestyle will assist consumers to minimize the usage of toxic substances that harm the planet and maximize nutrition received per dollar. This approach will not only help consumers save money but also help them preserve the environment, helping to restore the soil. Over the years, Melanie has partnered with companies like Butcher Box, which directly connect consumers to sustainable farmers. She encourages her audiences to opt for these brands, as she believes they are a fantastic catalyst for the road to achieving sustainability. 

On her top iTunes podcast, The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast, Melanie has interviewed figures promoting the importance of regenerative agriculture, such as NYT best seller Robb Wolf (author of Sacred Cow), and regenerative farm Belcampo founder, Anya Fernald. 

For Melanie, preservation of skincare is equally important to a healthy diet. She emphasizes the significance of cleaning up skincare and makeup, as the conventional skincare and makeup in the US often contain chemicals known as endocrine disruptors that interfere with our hormones. Examples include obesogens which can cause weight gain, and even carcinogens linked to cancer. Hence, cleaning them up is very important to maintain a healthy body.

Melanie regularly uses her platforms, which include her personal website, Melanie, FB groups (with over 10K members), and top iTunes podcasts (The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast and The Intermittent Fasting Podcast) to share her invaluable knowledge with the world. Sharing her experiences with others brings her warmth, as she genuinely desires to help her followers. 

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