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How Musician BLEAMBroke Out in House Scene with Popular Single “Antigua”

Music is food for the soul. There are different vibes to genres, and every artist’s sound is different. Some began by drawing out inspiration from others but soon venture to their direction and unique music taste. Ryan Eshaghi, a young Persian-American producer and DJ from California, seems to have found his footing in the artistic world as BLEAM. After releasing his music for a while on different platforms, he had a breakthrough moment with his new single “Antigua.” There is more to the process of producing and releasing music than what meets the eye. BLEAM’s new single is quintessential for learning about rising to prominence as a new artist.

As of now, “Antigua” has over 200,000 streams on Spotify. This is BLEAM’s second single, which is quite commendable for a new artist. It was also added toSpotify’s ‘Friday Cratediggers’ editorial playlist, and soon after, thousands of user playlists. Building off the momentum, BLEAM’s fourth single “Soul Searching” has also received praise. The track was featured in Spotify’s ‘Hot New Dance’ playlist, with artists like Tiesto, R3HAB and Nicky Romero adding it to playlists and playing it in sets. BLEAM now has beatport-charting singles and dance releases on the iTunes 100. It looks like the future is beaming for this young artist.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”, is a famous quote by J.R.R Tolkein which Ryan resonates with. An artist always has some quirks, and Ryan’s music and what he incorporates into his tracks makes it evident. He believes that lizards know something that we don’t and uses them often in his artwork and visuals. Apart from this, Ryan is an avid investor who consistently upgrades his knowledge and strategies related to the market.

Ryan played his first show for 4000+ people at Summerlands Music Festival and has infiltratedthe Southern California club scene since then. His mixing style has landed him gigs with famous artists as both an opening act and support set. These include Firebeatz, Feed Me, DVBBS, JOYRYDE, and more. His love for dance and creative expression translates perfectly into BLEAM, and with more to offer in the years to come, there is no slowing down for this budding house act.


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