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How lifestyle influencer Ami Desai’s journey as a mother helped her become a better entrepreneur

For some people, having a child can make it harder to advance in your career or try new things. The opposite is true for Ami Desai, a beauty entrepreneur and influencer.

Desai has two young children and is currently pregnant with her third. She regularly posts photos of her family on her Instagram, which also includes her beautiful maternity looks. One of the most popular videos is of her daughter Mila, doing her makeup.

Born on October 8th in Houston, Texas, Ami Rawal Desai is a celebrated Indian American beauty and lifestyle influencer. Before Desai had children, she had worked in many segments of the entertainment industry. She started her career by working with E! Network and, and she was a producer at Inside Edition. After her time behind the camera, she began hosting her own shows. She hosted Lux Lifestyles, a luxury travel show on Wealth TV. Also, she was most recently the premier host for #OWNshow, a web-exclusive show on

During this time, she also built her beauty business. Her focus was on providing makeup services for South Asian women like herself. “There was a huge need for it,” Desai said. “Many South Asian women didn’t have anyone who knew how to do their makeup professionally because they weren’t familiar with what works for them. I have worked with brides, models, and Hollywood talent, making them look the best for their big moment.”

Now, Desai works as an on-air beauty and lifestyle expert. She is regularly interviewed on segments with Home & Family TV and KTLA 5 News. But perhaps her most well-known work is her Instagram account, where she is a mom influencer with over 92k followers. “Becoming a mother helped me become a better entrepreneur,” Desai said. “I’ve learned how to budget my time and prioritize. I no longer spend every waking moment thinking about my business. I’ve carved out a life for myself where I get to slow down and enjoy the time I have with my kids.”

Desai is also passionate about instilling the values of beauty in her kids. “To be beautiful, you should be able to admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own,” Desai said. “I make sure to teach that to my kids. You don’t need the best concealer or bathing suit to be pretty. Beauty isn’t always something you can see.”

It just requires a lot of hard work and the energy to have fun, even after a long day at the office. Desai is very grateful that she’s able to manage her entrepreneurial pursuits and still spend the time she needs to be dedicated to her family.

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