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How Imran Shah built his huge business empire is an interesting read

He started from a scratch and went on to create history like no one else, and that’s quite commendable.

Imran Shah is a fine example which proves that setbacks can never deter a person from achieving their goals. He has faced no failure during his career, only success, once he was on track. This is due to his mindset which aimed at reaching his goal, no matter what. His perseverance led to his entrepreneurial success, which many envy today. Imran says that he has learned from his mistakes and is now determined to make sure that he is a person who is not afraid to take risks. He has faced several setbacks in his career, but he has never backed down until he achieved his goals. This is why he is called the “Pitbull of the Midst” and why his work is always seen as high-quality.

He is also one of the few individuals who has managed to achieve success in their lives in spite of having no support or backing. He, like a few successful individuals has done it all on his own, and he is extremely proud of his achievements. Imran’s success shows the power of setbacks and their ability to be nothing more than an opportunity for progress and growth. Presently, he is the CEO of Shah Enterprise of NJ, and his vast business empire includes oil refineries, gas stations, real estate, jet rental services, and a lot more. He started his entrepreneurial journey with zero resources and went ahead to build a net worth of over $150 Million.

Oil is his primary business which has grown exponentially over the years, resulting in the formation other distinct businesses. At present, he owns a multi-million business empire and donates to organizations which support single parents.

Get to know more about Imran Shah on To know more, follow his enterprise’s Instagram account @theshahofnj.

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