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How Barion McQueen is changing the Business consulting industry

“The only way you are going to have a productive 2020 is if you already planted the seeds in 2019. Once the year starts, things aren’t just going to happen. If you are not prepared or haven’t been planning for 2020, it’s going to be the same as 2019, for which you didn’t start preparing in 2018.”

Barion McQueen

A lot of people who aren’t directly in the business world have no idea what a business consultant even does and it’s for them that we’ve included the above quote. A business consultant is there to make sure you plan ahead.

It is his job to ensure that you have a worthwhile strategy for the upcoming year. He will help you devise a way to approach your goals that will make sure you are successful, that you get whatever it is you wanted, based on clear-cut, logical steps.

A business consultant helps you build the ladder to success.

Barion McQueen is the man who said the words above. He is also the CEO of The Brand Castle, one of the top marketing and branding agencies at this moment. He has quite a bit of knowledge and experience in the field. In other words, he’s built a lot of ladders in his time, some of them with very famous clients, such as Adidas, Levi’s or Coca-Cola.

But what has turned him into one of the leading names in the business? Well, in short, it was the above quote, or rather, the mindset that is evident through his words. What got him where he is now is his levelheadedness and ability to plan for the future. He is capable of thinking ahead. Five, ten, twenty steps, enough to guarantee success, which is what makes him one of the most sought-after business consultants in the world.

The number of successful businesses he’s founded in the past ten years alone, only attests his superb managerial skills. Aside from serving as CEO for The Brand Castle, he’s also launched himself in the real estate world, with his company Real Estate Captured. Furthermore, he also is the founder of a successful hip hop magazine and platform that showcases young talent, called quite simply Hip Hop Dose.

Now, most businessmen only manage to keep up one company. Just saying.

What sets Barion apart from the rest is that he understands the need for connecting with your employees, for example. He also knows how important it is to unleash your creative side, in any business, which is what he frequently does, both for his own enterprises, as well as his clients as a business consultant. He gets creative, which is something people like, because it reminds them, you’re human.

Barion McQueen has a wonderful knack for bringing down a brand to its’ customers’ level. If you feel that the people over at Coca-Cola are really just people, just like you and me, you’re much more likely to buy their product, right?

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