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Helping you get the best of life through his mindful practices and intense training as a mental and life coach is Yasin Seiwasser

He has given three decades of his life practicing different types of mind-body techniques and meditation without any trainer or team.

Nowadays speaking about a good physical and mental health has become a great topic of discussion for many of us and why not, because looking at the current scenarios of the world; it has become even more important to be there for each other, practice more meditation and mindfulness training that can help people lead a very happy and healthy life. Emphasizing, on the same, is a leader in the industry, who has a long list of credentials to his name; he is Yasin Seiwasser. He has aced every game at not only becoming his best version as a mental and life coach with being a proud German MMA champion but also at improving the lives of others across the world in his own unique way. Yasin Seiwasser is the man behind the success of his brand called ‘Seiwasser – Art of Life’. This in itself shows the talent and passion of this man who has tried to give his all to improve upon the lives of others through teaching the right practices to people with his 30 years of intense practice and experience.

The reason behind starting his unique brand in the form of Seiwasser – Art of Life (7-levels program for strengthening mind and body), the ace practitioner, trainer and MMA champion confessed that he felt it was high time for people to align their mind, body and soul. This was the reason he came up with his brand that is now highly-regarded and recognized as something that has totally changed people’s lives for the better, thanks to the incessant hard work, resilience and commitment of Yasin Seiwasser, who believed he could make a difference, and that’s what he has been doing successfully.

Training for him started at the naive age of eight and little did young Yasin know then, that life had much bigger plans for him, where he will go ahead in becoming a German MMA champion and have excessive experience of 35 years practicing different Martial Arts Styles. He has three decades of practice in mind-body techniques, meditation, mental training, breathing, by his own without any trainer or team. His experience as an MMA champion also led him to create a world record of the fastest knockout in just 3 seconds for Title Fight.

Yasin Seiwasser is a mental and life coach today, who has made it his aim to take people towards a better and positive life with the various effective techniques he teaches with his Art of Life program including Kriya Yoga, Zen, internal martial arts, physical training, mental training, Chi Kung, and many other self-discovered effective techniques. Yasin Seiwasser, who has been a two-time guest of honour and trainer at Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior Camp and teacher of the biggest Women’s-Group 1000 ladies in Martial Arts History (Mumbai, India) also teaches various seminars all over the world, which has further increased his stocks in the industry as a mind and body practitioner, trainer and coach.

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