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Hassan Ali Baghbanian, CEO of Holding 5040, added: “Our extensive activity in the clothing industry with” Yaghe “company made it easier for people to buy

Hassan Baghbanian, chief executive officer of Holding 5040:

In April 2016, Yaghe Company started its activity to save customers time and costs, as well as facilitate customers access to the products they need, by providing an innovative service in the field of clothing and apparel purchase. Reducing air pollution and urban traffic, and as a result, the health of people in the community is another important goal of the Yaghe company.

Engineer Hassan Baghbanian, the top entrepreneur and the selected manager of the country’s young model in 2015, announced the role of the private sector in creating suitable infrastructures to support domestic producers and then stated: “Through a completely new idea, we have been able to progress and It is worthwhile to support domestic men’s clothing, which will be implemented for children’s and women’s clothing in the next phases.”

He pointed out how the free on-site Try on Suit service works: This service, called Yaghe, provides free men’s suits to be tried on at their doors, which has also been well welcomed by customers and manufacturers.

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