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Hard work and dedication, the key to the success of one of the best linebackers in the US, Jonquall Carrothers.

Jonquall Carrothers’ sensational rise to the top as a linebacker is an inspiring story.

American football is filled with many players’ inspiring stories. One of them is the sensational rise of one of the best linebackers in the USA; he is Jonquall Carrothers. 

Jonquall Carrothers was born on June 14, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee, US. As a kid, he fell in love with the sport and dedicated all his time to become a good footballer. Be it the hard work, physical fitness, or improving his skill set, Carrothers left no stone unturned in realizing his dream. His efforts were recognized when he was at Middle Tennessee State University, as he began his college football career. He was a defensive back and transferred to Cumberland University due to the coaching changes. With a new setup, Carrothers transitioned into an LB and quickly became a star linebacker in the Mid-South Conference. He contributed massively to the team by racking up a total of 119 tackles. While playing for Cumberland, he won the Mid-South Conference Defensive Player of the Week honours on September 16 and also got featured on a special report from CNN, called America On Hold: We All Have a Story, presented by Demetrius Pipkin. 

Jonquall Carrothers’ quest to reaching the top continued when he graduated and transferred to Campbellsville University as a Grad Transfer Linebacker. In his first year itself, he achieved the following accolades.

He got in the First Team NCCAA All American, First Team All Mid-South Conference, Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame All Commonwealth Team Selection. He also got inducted as NCCAA Scholar-Athlete and Academic All Mid-South Conference. Carrothers became Mid-South Conference Tackle Leader, ranking 9th in Tackles Nationally (all positions) and ranking 3rd in tackles by a linebacker, nationally.

Jonquall Carrothers, with stupendous hard work, spirit, and dedication, has surged to the top of American Football. His skill, fearlessness, and passion for the sport are only going to make him reach more incredible highs.

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