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Gurinder Singh Baasi, A Dreamer, Believer & An Achiever!

Gurinder Singh Baasi is a dreamer, a believer and an achiever. From his childhood days, Baasi always wanted to be his own boss. He had seen people around him who do a job. While he had no issues with it, Gurinder thought that the only person he wants to work for is himself.

As time passed by, Gurinder started working day and night for his dreams to come true. He was a boy from Patiala who always loved travelling. From his childhood days till now, he has travelled a lot. Baasi was always fascinated by how beautiful the world around it.

He used to click a lot of pictures. As he was growing up, he realised there are many wanderers like him. So he decided to start sharing his experience of holidaying and helping those who also would love to visit the places. People loved his suggestions and stories and would often connect with him to figure out more about any particular place.

Gurinder Singh Baasi loves internet. He knows being an entrepreneur means staying acquainted with everything that’s happening in the web world. One day, he wishes to start his digital marketing company. He wants to show people that surfing on the internet isn’t always bad. It can make careers and help a person build strong profile on the internet.

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