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Google’s most recent Pixel features incorporate a ‘safety check’ for when you’re walking alone

Google is today reporting the next batch of new software features going to its Pixel cell phones. In the wake of including car-crash detection a year ago, the organization is developing its security features with a new “safety check” tool that is intended to ensure you’re alright in case you’re out someplace alone — for a walk or run, maybe.

At the point when you enable the feature, you set a time for when you want it to check-in. At the point when that opportunity arrives, a safety check takes over your entire screen and requests your status. You can excuse the brief and state you’re alright, begin sharing your location to crisis contacts quickly, or dial 911. On the off chance that there’s no reaction within a minute, the security checks will automatically notify your crisis contacts and give your location on Google Maps. There’s no alternative for it to automatically call 911 — liable to forestall false positives.

Indeed, even with the small chance of accidental crisis texts to companions, this appears to be a valuable safety measure. There’s no proportional for safety check worked with iOS, and it’s a continuation of Google growing further into the region of personal security in the wake of presenting car-crash detection a year ago. Also, since effort is coming to older Pixels: the Personal Safety application will soon be accessible for every one of them.

The other new enormous option is a bedtime mode that is being added to the clock application. “Fall asleep to calming sounds and limit interruptions while you sleep — and if you stay up on your phone past bedtime, you’ll get a snapshot of how much time you’re spending awake and on which apps,” Google wrote in its blog post.

Next up is a pleasant convenience for individuals who often depend on Google’s Recorder application. Presently, you can use Google Assistant to begin recordings (or search from your current ones). Even better, you can automatically get transcripts of your recordings in Google Docs. It’s consistently ideal to see more cohesion between Google’s services and applications.

Last, Google is improving the adaptive battery functionality. “Now, Adaptive Battery on Pixel 2 and newer devices can predict when your battery will run out and further reduce background activity to keep your Pixel powered longer.”

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