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Getting into dance music, interview with Michael Insigno, aka Emicii

Intro: We are today with Michael Insigno, a well-known music producer from Italy. He has produced many famous remixes and original tracks, and he will tell us more about dance music, also focusing in Italy.

What do you think of the current dance music scenario in Italy?

It’s cool. Some bases are good, some others less. Also I don’t like that they’re all in Italian language, it would be better if they could produce an international hit. But in general, I definitely can’t complain.

What is the mistake that a producer should never make but that he punctually makes?

As we said before, wanting to be the protagonist and not put yourself at the service of the song. And then that of not being paid, young producers often take it too lightly, then it happens that the artist goes around making money from live shows and they stay in the bedroom counting the views on YouTube. It must be clear from the beginning: if you create a project together in which artists and producers invest their resources in the same way, well, otherwise those who work must be paid.

What’s your biggest limit?

I no longer have the patience to be in the studio with people who don’t listen to me, or rather, who believe they know everything but who, after all, know nothing. By now I have the ears quite trained in this regard. I can produce for whole days with real artists, but when there is an artist – or presumed such – who doesn’t know what he wants, I understand it almost immediately. At that point it becomes hard for me to continue working.

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