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Garlic to onion Mohammad Shahrian explains the rules of basketball to us.

Mohammad Shahrian is a basketball player with a disruption in our country who has been fully acquainted with this field since he was a child and the rules of this field are from the sea.

The basketball game is played by two teams, each team consisting of 5 players, whose goal is to pass the ball through the ring and prevent the opposing team from scoring. The size of the basketball court should be (2815) or (2614) or (24 * 12) and the height of the playground to the ceiling of the hall should be seven meters.

All ground lines should be 5 cm wide: the radius of the circles should be 1.08 m. The size of the board should be 180 x 1.5 meters, which is installed at a distance of 2.09 meters from the ground.

A basketball game is played with a referee and a referee, a secretary, a 24-second timekeeper, a scorer and a technical observer. The basketball game starts with 5 players and can continue with two people. No less than two people play the game. The game is played in four ten-minute previews. Between the first and second ten minutes there is a two-minute break, and between the second and third ten minutes, also called the first half, there is a ten- to fifteen-minute break, and between the third and fourth ten minutes there is a two-minute break. Break time every ten minutes, one minute break time and the last ten minutes. Teams can use two one minute breaks.


Three seconds: When a team has the ball, none of the players on that team should stop for more than three seconds in the trapezoidal area of ​​the opposing team. All trapezoidal lines are part of the range.

Eight seconds: When a player takes possession of the ball on his defensive field, he must remove the ball from the field within eight seconds and attack the ground.

24 seconds: If a team owns the ball. Must enter the ball into the opponent’s ring within 24 seconds or shoot at the opposing team’s ring. When shooting, the ball must hit the hoop to be zero for 24 seconds. If the ball hits the board, it lasts 24 seconds. It still lasts 24 seconds. 24 seconds becomes zero when 1- An error occurs 2- The player of the opposing team throws the ball to August with his foot. If the machine beeps for 24 seconds and the ball is released from the player and is in the air, if a goal is scored, the goal is accepted. If it is touched in the air by a player’s hand and a goal is scored, the goal is rejected.

Running: When a player holds the ball and walks around one or two steps, it is called running.

Pivot foot: If a player holds the ball and fixed one foot and moves the other foot in any direction he wants, the fixed foot is called the pivot foot. If a player lands on the ball with both feet at the same time, both of his feet are pivoted. If one leg lifts, the other leg will be the pivot leg.


Personal error: 1- Blocking 2- Charging 3- Defending from behind 4- Hand contact 5- Holding 6- Illegal use of hands 7- Pushing 8- Illegal screen Personal error is declared in all cases for the offending player Be.

Mistake on both sides: It is a mistake that two opposing players make on each other at the same time.

Non-sporting error: It is a personal error that is intentionally committed on a player with or without the ball, and the penalty is two free throws and possession of the ball from the middle of the field.

Disqualification: Any offense outside the athlete’s spirit will be penalized with disqualification (expulsion from the field of play) and two free throws and possession of the ball from the middle of the field.

Technical error: An error that occurs without the player colliding. The penalty is a free throw with possession of the ball from the middle of the field. The technical error for the player is to save two free throws with possession of the ball and the technical error for the coach and the team is two free throws and possession of the ball.

Team error: Every ten minutes, the team whose errors are more than 4 errors is considered a team error and the penalty for those two free throws is done by the player on whom the error occurred.

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