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Five tips for winter diet by Charanjit Singh Sehmbi

November end often marks the beginning of winter in India and with it, your body also tries to adapt itself to the season. The reason is that due to the lack of sunlight and low temperature our hormone level changes, which lead to lack of sleep or untimely hunger, increase in weight, etc. So it is important to keep up with changing weather, you need to focus on your lifestyle too.

  1. Diet: For winter you should prefer foods which are high in tryptophan, magnesium, vitamin B complex, omega-3 fatty acid, etc. Leafy vegetables, some meats, egg, milk, olive oil are very good sources of it. This will boost your metabolism and keep your body temperature in check as well as avoid gaining extra weight. Apart from these, ginger, garlic, cinnamon works wonders too.
  2. Workout: The common trait of winter is that people get lazy and prefer to stay in bed more often. While this is very comforting, an hourly workout is also necessary.  It will also help to shed some weight as well as gain strength in the body to bear the cold. Staying too often is bad also interferes with digestion in body, thus affecting your appetite also.
  3. Sleep: This might come as surprise for some people as people often think, winter = Sleep entire day. As in any season, sleep is important in winter too. Oversleep and hormonal changes often lead to sleep deprivation. Sleeping as per schedule is advisable to people suffering from health issues related to winter season.
  4. Vitamin: Each vitamin has its own function and often associates with high metabolism in body. Vitamins are important to build up immunity which is essential in winter. Green leafy vegetables and milk are good sources of it.
  5. Sunlight: Although India is blessed with good sunlight throughout the year, during winter it is good to get necessary amount of sunlight. It helps in synthesising vitamin D which keeps bones strong and boost immunity. It also gives protection against winter cold.

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is a health and fitness expert who often writes blogs. He has been campaigner for nutrition and diet and especially how common people can cope up with busy lifestyle while maintaining good balance of diet.

You can learn more on Charanjit Singh Sehmbi’s website and social media accounts. His articles are gold mines for guidance on weight loss and fitness.


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