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Fahda Romie- a hustler that turned the world of rapping upside down in the middle east through his guts to chase his passion.

His will to follow his dreams brought him this far away, Now he has become the courage for the young kids carrying big dreams.

Everybody has dreams, big dreams but only a few dare to put together the pieces and make them true. One of that remarkable personality is Fahda Romie, he even worked as a waiter in a restaurant based in Dubai in the year 2017. Now that’s the real face of pure passion when hurdles came to break him he demonstrated that he is stronger than them. While working at the restaurant his inner voice was calling him to pen down his feelings on a paper. Therefore, he started writing lyrics and also used to sing them fervently. Although he wrote his very first writing in 2017 that was ultimately recorded in premature 2019. That song was a good stroke by him but somewhere it was still not hitting the heart. So he realized that he still needs to feed himself with plenty of learnings and efforts. Finally, again in 2019, he was offered to record his song ‘recommend’ which amassed decent acknowledgment.

Fahda also got a chance to meet some of the shining stars of the music industry like Dj Ranger, Rastarocket, etc. After this, his mind started hustling that he needs to come with his music studio. Which lead him to work with Codelank, a Jamaican producer who supported him in touching new highs of success. He holds an exceptional swag in his raps which is blowing the minds of millions of his fans. The prominent songs he has drilled out so far encompass Drilling, East Rave, Recommend, Vortex, Sheikh up di place, Quasar Freestyle, and Program. Till now he has already produced numerous great songs and is on the top of the world in bringing new ones. So if someone loves rap then he is a rapper that will complete and rejuvenate your playlist with his fresh tracks to put you in a high mood.

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