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Entrepreneur turns Musician: Rohit Bag

Rohit bag, a well-known entrepreneur has taken his step towards music today. Rohit has earned a lot of name in the field of digital marketing, today many people know him. But perhaps very few people know that Rohit is fond of music. Rohit wanted to become a musician since childhood and now that he has fulfilled his dream. Robot hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, he was born on 18 July 1999. He has completed his studies from Calcutta University.

Rohit does not need any kind of introduction in the field of digital marketing and the day is not far when even in the field of music, people recognize Rohit by his name. This year he has launched many of his songs such as Jerry Tune, Jupiter, Cyclotron, Shade, . Rohit had decided in his childhood that when he grows up, he wants to become a music artist and he started preparing for them from childhood. Right has taught music from class 4, and he still practices it daily. Rohit does not do any kind of carelessness with his work. His every work is completely perfect.

Rohit is still very fond of old songs, he enjoys listening to songs of Pancham Da and Kishore Kumar in his free time and is also an inspiration of Rohit. He follows a strict routine in his everyday life. He believe that if a person wants to be successful in his life, then it is very important for them to be in discipline and Harsh does all his work in discipline. He tries to improve himself everyday.

It has been very difficult for Rohit to handle music and marketing together. Sometimes He did not get time for music and sometimes even forgot to eat this food. But he did not lose heart and fulfilled his dream. Behind the joyful success, his parents contributed a lot when he started earning a good name in the field of digital marketing. Then he had given up hope of music. Then it was his parents at that time who told Rohit that he should not give up on his dream and should try to make it come true.

Rohit has achieved a lot at a very young age due to his hard work. He is an example for our youth of today. He is not only known as an entrepreneur but also as a music artist in the whole of India. He has made the name of his City, kolkata very high.

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