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Entrepreneur Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD shares his insights on technological advancements in Dentistry

Visits to the dentists are often an unpleasant experience for many, and that is understandable because they can be quite uncomfortable and painful. Earlier, the mortality rate of new mothers was high because their hips weren’t wide enough to deliver. This situation has never been the same since technological advancement in medicine. Dentistry expert Juan Carlos Izquierdo believes that this revolution has also started in the dental field. The equipment that dentists have access to now can make your visits to them quicker and somewhat pain-free.

According to Dr. Izquierdo, innovation in dentistry will avail same-day treatments leading to a reduction in the number of times a patient visits the clinics. It can significantly reduce to one or maybe two sessions. Technology will assist dentists by allowing them to scheme through your health history and your genome that will provide insights on problems to which you are susceptible. As of now, the emerging technology include VELscope, Digital X-Rays, Invisalign, Laser Dentistry, Dental Implants, HealOzone, DIAGNOdent, Intraoral Camera, Zoom! Whitening and Nitrous Oxide. There are also tools available for the commoners, like the Smart Toothbrush that monitors our brushing patterns and ensures that we brush our teeth properly.

We can take Dr. Izquierdo’s word on it because he is an acclaimed expert in the field of dentistry. He aspired to become a dentist at a very young age because bringing the best out of people’s smile brings him immense joy. Today, he is the CEO of Moderna Dental Corp that owns, manages, and represents dental practices across the USA. He makes sure to ease his patients’ experience by using advanced tools like robot assistance, 3D image scanning, and topography. Along with Dr. Izquierdo, his wife Camila Guiribitey has built this corporation and its subsidies across the USA to focus on almost all oral and dental problems.

The power couple constantly looks for opportunities to expand and scale their business. Their next stop is real estate, where they plan to associate with other dentists who can practice according to their convenience. They recognize that making the process hassle-free for a dentist is equally important as helping patients. Their future endeavors will relieve dentists from the financial constraints of management, coordination, and workflow. This shall pave the way for struggling dentists and revolutionize this industry.


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