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Entrepreneur Avi Koren: from humble beginnings to launching the world’s largest luxury watch and jewelry empire

The great secret of business families that achieve tremendous wealth and hold onto it for generations is that they persistently promote the entrepreneurial spirit that led to their initial success. Avi Koren was born into a family of jewelers. From his growing years, he witnessed the business operations of luxury jewelry and how the art of differentiation played an integral role in pulling discerning customers. What gave such customers a sense of honor to be owners of luxury is the element of design and uniqueness attached to all products that are exclusive and expensive.

Avi’s claim to fame

 Avi familial roots and its corresponding environment helped him know how so many high-end brands established a personal connection with their audience and reflected their dreams, desires, and need for recognition. Learning the tricks of the trade, Avi founded his luxury-watch and jewelry brand “Avi Koren.” The brand’s excellence and unique personality, aura, and attitude stem from Avi’s skill, knowledge, and charisma.

Avi was born in one of the diamond capitals of the world, Belgium, where he gained hands-on experience in luxury business by helping his father in his jewelry stores. Keeping in line with tradition, he completed his educated in gemology with a specialization in diamond grading. Equipped with technical knowledge while getting real-life experience in his family enterprise, Avi was all set to make a name for himself in the fascinating world of the luxury industry. He incepted his self-made brand in Israel in 1999 with a limited inventory of jewelry and luxury watches.

From one to many

Success was not too far when he decided to move operations to the United States from Israel in 2003. As more elite and celebrity clients were seen endorsing Avi’s luxury watches and designer jewelry, it generated interest and created more depth to his brand’s story. The watches from the house of Avi Koren are loved by international football players from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, and even from the national teams of Brazil, Netherlands, England, Croatia, and Belgium. Players from the NBA are also seen sporting his timepieces alongside famous Hollywood filmstars. The list of popular celebrities wearing watches from Avi Koren is always on the rise. One can easily spot his boutiques in various locations, including the US, Belgium, Dubai, Israel, and Hong Kong.

Living with his wife and four children in Dubai, Avi has emerged as a successful luxury watch entrepreneur loved by popular celebrities worldwide. His highly trusted luxury watch brand comprises of an incredible selection of hard to find timepieces such as Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex.

Loved by fans and followers

An ardent believer of the power of social media marketing, Avi’s Instagram page has more than 500,000 followers. A close look at his Instagram handle will wow your senses. He was one of the first Instagrammers who posted photographs integrating his luxury watches with high-end sports cars, and a luxurious lifestyle

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