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Elon Musk uncovers the Tesla vehicles he at present drives

Since Tesla has an increasingly broad lineup of vehicles, do people ever wonder what models and variants Elon Musk drives?

The CEO has now uncovered his favored Tesla vehicles to drive nowadays.

For quite a while, Tesla was a single model automaker with just a single car in production.

From 2008 to 2012, the organization just produced the Roadster, and from 2012 to 2015, it just created the Model S before the Model X came to market.

Today, Tesla is selling three different models: Model S, Model X, and Model 3, and every one of those models is accessible in various variants for more performance.

The CEO previously said that even he doesn’t get special treatment with regards to purchasing Tesla vehicles.

He often gets a portion of the very first production units of new models, however he likewise prefers to have the most recent highest-performance versions.

During an interview on the Joe Rogan experience recently, Musk said that he was driving the Model S P100D, which was Tesla’s highest-performance car at the time.

Presently the CEO appears to have upgraded to the new Model S with the Raven motor and suspension upgrade.

He included that he additionally now and again drives the Model 3 Performance and a Model X:

Model S Performance — apparently with the new Raven engine released in April

Model 3 Performance

Model X — variant unknown

For the Model S, Musk says that it is equipped with an advancement version of the Full Self-Driving PC that Tesla released not long ago.

A year ago, it was uncovered that Musk was testing a cutting-edge version of Autopilot in his own Model S and regularly offering feedback to the Autopilot group.

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