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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson twin official becomes a web sensation, utilizes popularity for great purpose

A Morgan County, Ala., sheriff’s lieutenant has circulated around the web in a new TikTok contrasting him with famous actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Look at him!” the TikTok client shouted. “You cannot tell me that is not Mr. Dwayne.”

It began after a Walmart worker told one more official he “needed to meet [the] Deputy that individuals say resembles ‘The Rock,'” according by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Lt. Eric Fields, the carbon copy, was glad to oblige and snapped an image, creating the web-based media mix.

“It’s always been a running joke of people saying I resemble the Rock or… Vin Diesel,” Fields partook in a meeting with Fox associate WBRC, “and I just go with it.”

His significant other got a kick out of the complimenting examination, as well: “She loves it,” Fields said with a casual stance and ear-to-ear smile, actually like the “Quick and Furious” star.


Yet, he hasn’t hushed up about the newly discovered acclaim. He’s bringing issues to light for Sgt. Chris Dillard, a 26-year law authorization veteran and good example for some at the Morgan Co. Sheriff’s Department, who as of late was determined to have ALS.

“To know Chris Dillard is to like him,” a GoFundMe post reads. “He has the reputation of being an excellent Officer/Deputy but is an even better man. His calming sense and wise words are welcome in any conversation. However, it is his caring heart he shows for his team that stands out most.”

“He’s just a really good husband, father, and…great officer,” Fields echoed. “I had to pull him out of the field when he got diagnosed ‘cause he wanted to continue to go out and work side by side with these guys.”

Eventually, Fields said he’d need to utilize his hopes to advance mindfulness for Dillard.

“I was just thinking, I was praying, I was working out… I said… what am I supposed to do with this?’” Fields disclosed because of the TikTok popularity. The Dillard’s Warriors GoFundMe has looked to fund-raise for Dillard’s treatment throughout the next few months to reduce the infection’s impact and has gathered almost $8,000 of the ideal $35,000 up to this point.

But, as Fields brings up, cash isn’t the solitary asset that could assist with battling Dillard’s condition. “I’m not saying we need a bunch of money, but prayers and support… would mean everything.”

Morgan County is an hour’s drive north of Birmingham.