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Digital Marketer Alois Köhle Reveals How Online Marketing Helps In Popularizing Startups On The Internet

Ever since the rise of the internet and mobile technology, marketing and advertising has reached a completely new level. Today the brands and companies reach to the customers through their websites, blogs, video content and other digital campaigns. One of the reputed entrepreneurs in the digital world, Alois Köhle has been impressing people with his impeccable online marketing skills. An affiliate marketer, an investor and a speaker, Alois is also a phenomenal orator who loves to give motivational speeches. He hails from Austria and got into digital marketing when he created an account on in 2011. He then skilled himself by understanding several marketing tools.

Some of the companies he has been associated with are A weber, Click funnels and Get response with whom he has done several digital campaigns. The very first product of Alois about affiliate marketing was launched in 2013 on Digistore24 which was a joint venture with Swiss entrepreneur Robert Michel Junior. However, his fortunes changed in 2014 when he was appointed as the non-binding sales partner for a larger American community. He then joined many influential affiliates of the company which already has 250,000 sales partners as of now. “Every brand is different and one must create a different marketing strategy to promote the brands digitally”, he stated.

Besides this, he also many small-scale brands in his clientele not just in Austria but across the globe. “Startups need a big boost in the business market. For that, online marketing of brands play a key role”, added Köhle. In 2015, the entrepreneur moved to Vienna to start Investment Punk Academy, a collaborative effort with Gerald Hörhan who is a celebrated name in the Austrian real estate world. The academy is a one-stop education platform which teaches students how to be wealthy entrepreneurs. He also established a real-estate company in 2018 named AK Immo headquartered in Vienna. Currently, Alois Köhle has his eyes on developing startups in the real estate business and by the next year, he plans to venture into several other businesses.

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