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Daniel Oche Onoja: The man on a mission to change the dynamics of the network marketing industry for the better

His astute leadership skills have earned a great position for Daniel at Omegapro, where he inspires many other people to do more and become more of a better version of themselves.

The way we have seen technological advancement around us, it is evident that the world in the future would get fully-automated with many technological developments. When it comes cryptocurrency and forex, a few years ago, not many had imagined the growth of the sector to such a level, but high-end technological innovations have made many turn towards digital financial products.

With this, several network marketing companies also came to lime light and this led to the birth of so many talented network marketers globally who are climbing the ladder of success by simply providing product awareness and education to people within their network and to the general public.

Through the concept network marketing, people are fast becoming aware of the opportunities in the Forex and cryptocurrency Trading. Among the leaders championing this course globally is Daniel Oche Onoja from Nigeria, who believed he could make his unique place in the industry and so he did, like a rising star.

Born in 1989, in the state of Borno, Nigeria but raised in Lagos, Daniel always had the knack of all things technical. He felt he was driven to the technology and the internet space right since the beginning, from the time he started to see the growth in these fields. As a young teen, he kept accumulating more knowledge about the same and dreamt of doing something in the digital space always.

In the year 2005, a friend of his by name prince Saidu Abubakar told him about forex trading. It was then Daniel realized how significant forex trading would become in the years to come. As he gained more knowledge about forex trading, Daniel also came to know about network marketing from the mother of Prince Saidu Abubakar, this is another field which was also not as popular as it is right now.

Wimax Institute of Computer Technology is where Daniel got enrolled to make his foundation stronger in internet and computer technology. All the knowledge he gained through the vocational training got Daniel into software vendoring, software installation and maintenance, web application, computer hardware repairs and the like and he continued to work in these areas until he got admission into the University of Abuja in 2009.

The world of financial technology was the only thing he saw himself flourishing in and since he was exposed to the same quite early in his life, he started to look out for many other opportunities that he could unlock for himself to grow his career. He saw the widespread distribution of digital financial products via network marketing and this is where he wished to be. With his aim to become a Top leader in the industry, Daniel understood that proper mentoring is key so, he joined the Global Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and since then has become an active leader under Paulo Tuynman, his mentor.

Today, Daniel works with Omegapro, which is one of the most prominent names in the industry as a top global financial technology company, on the recommendation of his mentor Paulo. Daniel has been providing the right financial education and is sharing the Omegapro opportunity with a team that consists of over 20, 000 members across different parts of the world like UK, Africa, Australia, Middle East,Asia and is looking out to conquer many more markets.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at


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