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Cyffa Leyenda’s new single “SEE ME” featuring Choyce Cincere (Prod. MB SALONE) is said to be a HIT record before it hits online stores!

For a month now Cyffa Leyenda has been promoting his new single “SEE ME” on his Instagram stories. This record will be distributed by EMPIRE and powered by Stackin Up Entertainment. The date is still in the air as Cyffa’s getting his mixing and mastering done as we speak. 6 months ago Cyffa released his biggest record of all time “Fineto” but this record is what the critics call a comeback of hit songs from Cyffa Leyenda. “SEE ME” is an R&B and Drill type beat mixed together giving it a different vibe. 

This record started with Cyffa Leyenda contacting MB SALONE about sending him some beats through the email from Instagram and seeing what he could create. At the same time Cyffa was texting Choyce Cincere and he sent the beat to him seeing if he liked the beat. Choyce told Cyffa he loved the beat so Cyffa said “Write a hook of your own vibe, write to it like it’s your song bro”. In a few days less then 4 days Choyce sent the vocals back to Cyffa. Last week Cyffa sent his vocals from Flagship Studios to Choyce’s engineer. We’re estimating that the record should be finished by next week as Choyce’s engineer is working on the record right now. Stay tuned for Cyffa’s new single coming soon this will be big!

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