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Creech: Texans’ nail-biting win tops incredible day for Houston sports

It would appear that this will be a thing again this season.

Last minute, nail biting, unpleasant completions for the Texans.

A week ago, it was a halted 2-point conversion in the last seconds so the Texans could escape with a 13-12 win over Jacksonville.

This week, the Texans played truly well in the second half to take an important lead on the Chargers. At that point the barrier held off Philip Rivers and friends to hold tight for a 27-20 win.

The games have been close. They’ve been tense. Be that as it may, the last two have been wins.

At the point when the Texans have expected to step up in crunch time, they have.

The defense had its issues Sunday afternoon. The auxiliary missed a couple of assignments as the Chargers represented a late-game rebound, however when they expected to hold, they did.

Repulsively, the Texans looked particularly great in the second half. While they neglected to get their running match-up moving, Deshaun Watson balanced and found a variety of recipients. The offensive line looked significantly better as Watson had more opportunity to work.

He completed the game with 351 passing yards and three touchdowns. Watson was just as noteworthy as consistently and keeps on developing in each game.

He had a harsh beginning to the game and promptly ricocheted back, coordinating fruitful drives that prompted 20 unanswered focuses to keep the Texans in the game and give them an inevitable lead when the force all appeared to be on the Chargers’ side.

Sunday’s success was a quality one for the Texans and topped an extraordinary day for Houston sports as the Astros won their third straight AL West title with a 13-5 win over the Angels.

The Astros will complete their season and head to the playoffs while the Texans push ahead with a 2-1 record.

The Texans’ success may have been a dramatic one, yet it’s another W for the group and another progression forward.

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