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Cornel Herold: The 18-year-old prodigy taking the app developing world by storm.

App developer, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and what not! Cornel Herold exudes sheer brilliance and passion with his app developing skills.

The evolution and emergence of digital media and other platforms have been a notable feature of the 21st century. The last decade or so has witnessed a huge digital transformation taking place within all sectors of the economy giving a great impetus to majority of industries. One thing that has been common with the ever-growing digital popularity is the presence of next gen entrepreneurs being at the core of every industry taking giant strides to excel in each endeavor that they pursue. With an ever-increasing demand from the market, the supply has been apt as well. Today no person can imagine their lives without their gadgets, they are glued to their phone, laptops, and tablets most of the time during their day. With millions and millions of app available on the app stores, it has made the lives of the new age customers much simpler making everything and anything available for them with a simple touch of their fingertips. We met one such astute professional scaling great heights of success in the app developing industry- Cornel Herold.

Cornel Herold is mere 18 years of age hailing from Hungary and has made a special name and niche for himself in the app developing and emerging digital world.  Being inclined towards the growing trend of digitalization, Cornel always wanted to pursue it as full-time career and profession. Learning the tips and tricks of the app developing market and mastering the art of it, Cornel developed 5 different apps within a span of 1 years which has propelled him to earn more than 1 million dollars already. Starting with no such base and experience, Cornel has already being able to attain the 7-figure mark for himself after entering the app developing industry. All of his developed apps are easily available on Google Play and Apple Store and has gained tremendous love and recognition among masses.

Having started his entrepreneurial journey from the age of 14 years, Cornel realized long time back the growth and potential of the app developing market and other digital worlds. It was imperative that the world will swift its gears soon to transform in the widely growing digital world which made Cornel step on the wheel and cash in many opportunities. He opines that “Apps are the next big hit in 2021; it’s time for people to realize.”

Cornel now has also started mentoring many other individuals who wish to make it big in the app developing industry. He wishes to be a coach rendering his knowledge and insights to many other youngsters like him who wish to make money with apps without any coding knowledge.

Do follow Cornel’s story and journey ahead on Instagram and visit his website.

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