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Connecting more travel lovers by bringing them on a common platform like “Resort” on Instagram is Rasmus Peter Kristensen

There are few travel trends that Rasmus points out that will create waves in the coming future.

When it comes to trends in any industry, they say that it keeps changing and well, that is absolutely true as with the changing times of the world, one will have to adapt to the changing times of the various industries as well, and the travel industry is not behind in this revolutionary period. One travel influencer who lives to travel the world is Rasmus Peter Kristensen. This enthusiastic traveller explores every corner of the earth, with his wife, meets various kinds of people and connects with himself as well as with others. To promote more places and experiences of travellers all around the world, Rasmus even came up with his innovative Instagram page called “Resort” where travel enthusiasts and lovers can come together and share their experiences for others to know.

There are a few trends that are picking up lately and Rasmus believes that it would change the scenario of the travel industry to a great extent.

  • Going for less popular destinations: This is also called as Undertourism, where people choose to travel to destinations that are less popular and go for locations that are less overcrowded and more serene. Rasmus says that people love to discover much quieter places nowadays.

  • Mixing leisure and business trips: In simple terms, this kind of travel is called Bleisure trips and it is increasingly becoming popular. Rasmus explains that when people go for business trips, sometimes they are allowed to travel with their family members and so many professionals take advantage of this which makes them have a good time with their family and even save more.

  • Choosing to go for destination weddings: This is one of the most in-thing right now, especially in the travel industry. People take out time for going to destination weddings because they not only get the chance to enjoy the events but also get to see the beauty of the locations and explore a new place altogether, says Rasmus.

  • Making reunions possible: Reunions are a great excuse to travel to different places and explore the cities and towns together with old friends. This type of travel is gaining more and more momentum with each passing day as the excitement increases for people when they get to travel with their old buddies and start an expedition to a place they have never been to.

Rasmus has always loved adventures; for him, he gets an adrenaline rush every time he gets to travel and discover a new place on earth. Rasmus considered travel as therapy for him which motivates him to do much better in life and hence today, through his travel page on Instagram called “Resort”, he helps people to map out the best resorts, hotels and places. He even urges them to tag @resort and get the chance to be featured on their page and be an inspiration for many others in the world.

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