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Cole Morgan: from ground zero to becoming a renowned branding expert

The Millenials are looking at time as few have before them. They are fast, eager, and ready to explore the many doors of opportunities that technology has opened up for them. It’s an excellent time to be young. That’s perhaps how Cole Morgan, a 20-year-old leading brand expert from Cincinnati, feels right now. In this article, he shares with us his story of establishing himself and his future goals.

Cole Morgan swears by social media, even though his entry into the world of digital content was serendipitous, to say the least. He recalls, “I uploaded a video of myself dancing behind two girls who were fighting. I did it for fun and was taken by surprise when it went viral. I was 18 then and could clearly see the power that social media possessed. I decided to capitalize on the video’s popularity by creating many meme pages and posting the video saying it was me. People started to notice and respond, and that’s how I gained my first 150k followers on @sluringz.”

Like many his age, Morgan had been active on various social platforms from a young age. His Instagram page was especially popular and was, in fact, his first business deal. “In eighth grade, I had a total of around 40k Instagram followers, and after selling the page to my friends, I realized how much money could be made on Instagram. Ever since, I’ve been growing, buying, and selling Instagram pages.”

Morgan has been growing and changing with the undulating landscape of digital media. Being a quick learner helps him stay ahead of the curve and helps his clients stay ahead as well. “I run multiple Instagram pages amassing over 2.5M followers. I work with many companies and influencers to help them make viral content. I also work with content creators and brands to help them grow their audience or sell their product while providing a comprehensive insight into where social media marketing is today.”

Morgan is aware of his abilities and understands the power of networking, “I aim at creating and providing original content and cultivating a strong work ethic to help my clients and partners deliver content that’s unique, layered, and structured. My ability to grow a page and help other people grow, my connections with the people in my industry, and other industries have helped my clients build their trust in my work.”

Cole Morgan hopes to become a millionaire investor in large, international companies. With his passion and keen ability to make a mark in the world of business, he’s undoubtedly on his way.

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