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Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: Making Others Successful In Their Restaurant Business With His Smart Tips

Through powerful & intelligent strategies, one can formulate their success mantra, says Chef Faisal

People may know Chef Faisal today as one of the best culinary experts & food entrepreneurs across Bahrain & many other countries, but what they don’t know is the journey that made him reach to the highest peaks in the food industry. With determination, courage & continuous efforts, one can reach their goals in life & this is what Chef Faisal has shown through his work. Even after having a great job at hand as a banker which paid well enough, Chef Faisal decided to make that huge jump into a different field altogether to not only try his luck but also understand how far he can go for his love for food.

Following his heart made him learn from the best cooking schools in England & Italy. With gaining a lot of experience in the field, he decided to pass on this knowledge to others that can help them with establishing their food business & gain proper training as a chef, so he launched his consultancy firm called Chef Faisal Consultancy. This firm helps in training chefs & advises them in establishing their restaurants in Bahrain & KSA. Not just this, he is also the member of the esteemed World Master Chefs Society.

Chef Faisal today shares his few smart tips to upcoming restaurateurs & chefs to scale their restaurant business & make it a success.

  • Create your logo: Represent your business with a creative logo which will help you stand apart from a crowded industry & help people remember you more with your unique identity, says Chef Faisal.

  • Be creative with the menu: One thing that really sets restaurants apart is also the menu card. The way you display the food items & their prices also call out for some great creativity, believes Chef Faisal. Go all out for creating a long-lasting impression in your customer’s mind with this.

  • Build a website: Just like you create a unique menu card, you must also create a unique website that speaks of your restaurant, says Chef Faisal. Make the website user-friendly & give out all the information necessary for customers to know.

  • Make effective use of social media: Promoting your business through social media is the best way to reach maximum customers, points out Chef Faisal. Create a social media page or a social media handle where you can post relevant content & make people aware of your restaurant to drive more customers.

Chef Faisal is a humble & honest person and an entrepreneur who walks along with other chefs, listen to their stories, hear what made them dive into the food business & then come out with the best guidance possible for them to support them in their ventures & transform them into successful food entrepreneurs. With this, he wishes to offer more consultancy services & win people’s hearts.

Follow Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan on Instagram @Cheffaisalco

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