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Biography and full life description of the Iranian genius Dr. Soheila Saami Aldoboni

She is a final year resident of neurosurgery in Germany, a graduate of Gulf Medical University. Soheila Saami, a 36-year-old Iranian girl, is one of those young people of this country who has been able to use the prove worthy and become one of the most skilled doctors.

How many years have passed since you got your degree and started your medical activity?

 I completed my general medicine course 10 years ago and started working as a doctor.

Why did you choose medicine? And isn’t this field and specialty difficult for a woman?

My father is a cardiologist and I have been interested in continuing my father’s field since I was a child. But when I received an admission from Professor Samii, I studied this field and got acquainted with women who have succeeded in this field, and considering that neurosurgery is one of the tempting fields for people who are intelligent, talented, and mentally capable and physically fit, I also stepped in this direction. For a complex brain operation, we stand for 12 hours in a sterile state.

Neurosurgery is a very difficult field and it is not specified for men or women, so this field can be called a boundless ocean from which we have to learn several new subjects every day, so this field may be difficult for some women, but in some cases because of the delicacy of a woman, it can be considered a positive point for her; Of course, in addition to talent and ability, they must have enough physical strength to endure a 12-hour operation.

It has been about three and a half years since I started neurosurgery at the International Neuroscience Institute in Hanover under the supervision of Professor Samii. Of course, Professor Samii has many students, perhaps more than a thousand people have passed the pre-professor course during these years and more than 1000 people have spent residency period with Professor Samii.

Your opinion about Dr. Samii?

Undoubtedly, without exaggeration, Professor Samii is the best neurosurgeon in the world, and this is not because he is Iranian, but you should be in the professor’s surgical environment and see the type of surgery, then you will believe that he is the best neurosurgeon in the world.

I think Professor Samii is a unique phenomenon and maybe my idea doesn’t matter as a small person in the medical community, but everyone can watch videos of the professor’s 80th birthday in cyberspace, where elders of neurosurgery and other neurosurgeons talk about him or there are many books and articles about them, all of which can be cited for being the best Professor Samii. Professor Samii has been elected as the President of the World Congress of Surgeons and was also elected Surgeon of the Year in 2018, and all this shows his superiority.

Do you remember the first operation you performed? How did you feel?

Given that we have a lot of operations, some of which are simple, but I remember when I did the first complex brain operation, I was very happy and I felt good that I realized my ability because there are a lot of people who entered the field but then After a few years, they realize their inability and immediately leave that environment.

Concluding remarks

I have spoken many times about the high intelligence of Iranians everywhere. And all people know that Iran is an elite country. And I wish success to all my compatriots.

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