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Bezlikiy, a leading Instagram influencer, lays out the strategies to level up video game marketing

He created a robust and entertaining reality show in the gaming niche with keeping Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the center.

It is no secret today that social media platforms and the digital world as a whole can potentially transform even a small or ordinary game into a viral sensation. When we speak about a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which was first released in the year 2012, people went crazy and were hooked onto the game, seeing other pro players ace the game online. With so much dependence of people on online tournaments and video streaming sites for their favourite games, Bezlikiy, who has risen to the top in the influencer niche, developed an idea to come up with a reality show on Twitch with players as participants as the ground team based on the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

As a successful influencer and blogger, and now as the creator of a reality show, Bezlikiy lays out a few strategies for those who wish to level up video gaming marketing.

  • Hyping up live events: Bezlikiy says that gamers are always on the lookout for new content to check out and that is why most of the social media for gamers is centred around creating a certain level of hype. Gamers are looking out constantly for something new to watch, comment on or react to. Hence, hyping up live events, like announcements, streams and competitions, is a great idea.
  • Encourage your community to market you: It is said that gamers are amongst the most passionate of any type of fandom and companies and brands too can optimize their audience’s creativity and sense of community. Share the user-generated content like fan art to social media and create more noise around the game.
  • Be consistent: Bezlikiy says that consistency is key to video gaming success. He says creators must keep coming up with something new to offer their audiences through the game and also keep in mind that content in the gaming industry moves fast.

By creating a reality show centred on CS:GO, Bezlikiy has created the perfect game to use as a live-in reality show as Esports in CIS is hugely popular and comes in the top 10 in the region and top 170 worldwide. It follows the lives of the professional gamers of Esports and intrigues and excites audiences the most. To gain more insights about Bezlikiy, follow him on Instagram @bezlikiy.

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