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Belgium Police breakthroughs into the case of organized crime and Drugs by raiding multiple places across Europe

The illicit activities carried out were reported once the Belgium Police were able to successfully decrypted Xrypt encrypted phones.

The growth at which the crime rate in many countries has increased has supposedly been a major area of concern worldwide. Due to the cascading effect, it has had on many economies, individuals, and governments, it has indeed become a mandate and imperative for local police and bigger bodies to have strict punishments for anyone involved in such illegal activities. The Drug menace has crippled many countries and regions, affecting the overall balance of life and society and propelling criminal activities. One such recent case reported in Belgium has come up with shocking details about the Drug mafia, Murder, and other illicit activities.

The Belgium Police in liaison with the Dutch and the French Police have arrested more than 23 people belonging to different mafia groups and gangs who were consistently involved in many illicit activities for organized crime, Murder, and Drugs. The Police were able to crack the case by decrypting Xrypt encrypted phones. They worked on an encrypted phone provider network that was supposedly being used by different organized crime groups and gangs. Through this, the police were able to recover much valuable information regarding their distributors and clients and get detailed insights on their contacts, details, messages, and chat by making use of the IMEI number & cellphone tower tracking. They also got to know that Xrypt’s devices falsely advertised IMEI changing options to its users and this led the Belgium police to catch the gang. These users paid high subscription prices for the encrypted devices that doesn’t work which worked in favor of the police in locating and arresting them. Xrypt sold criminals fake encrypted phones that actually copied their messages. Police were also able to retrieve vital information of suspects as they communicated with customized devices to plot drug deals and murders. The crypto communication of crime groups who smuggled large quantities of cocaine, heroin and organized crime was exposed.

With much Success, Belgian Police were able to recreate this operation like how they had pulled off the shutdown of Sky ECC network back in 2021. With stricter investigations being initiated, Law enforcement unit has been roped in to monitor messages and attachments from the Xrypt network. Police are expecting many more arrests to come out soon.

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