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Avi Hiaeve is setting a new standard in Luxury Watch Boutiques Market

How Avi Hiaeve is taking the luxury watch industry by storm

Luxury watches are doorways to a world of ethereal beauty, avant-garde aesthetics, and timelessness. The erstwhile niche market has expanded its embrace to cater to rising demand. Answering this call for uber sophistication is Avi and Co. Based in New York, Avi has built his luxury watch empire from the ground up. As he sets a new standard in the luxury watch boutique market, he’s guided by his love for craftsmanship.

Avi’s clientele is crème-de-la-crème. Ranging from elite sportspersons to eclectic celebrities and eminent individuals, Avi’s customers are serious about their statement pieces. For them, a watch is worth a thousand words, an Ali, an exquisite wordsmith. They come back for quality, for novelty, and even for friendship. Avi remarks “This is a niche business. One sign that you are doing well is when you see the same people over and over again. Once trust is built, it’s very hard to break it in our industry. And I don’t say that lightly. The niche market becomes a family and you end up wanting only the best for each family member. My clients know that I deeply value their faith in me. They come back again and again because they know that they are genuinely valued.”

Watches also make good business sense. You can think of them as products that have high resale potential during market volatility. This makes them especially favored upon by wealthy people who like to park their cash in products. According to Avi, “what they are looking for is something that has the quality to transcend time. They all have a very unique way of looking, judging, and assessing. They like their timepieces to stand out as statement pieces and investment options. They come to us because we offer them a great variety among pieces that are par-excellence as both accessories and investments.”

Avi did not set out to create standards in the luxury watch market. He just decided to do what he loved best – explore the delightful intricacies of a masterpiece. This love has kept his passion for fine luxury watches alive and pushed him to store watches that resonate with the iconoclastic, elegant, graceful, powerful, and creative moods of his clients. “For me, luxury watches are not just a market, it’s a world. It’s full of potential waiting to be discovered. And I take great pride and joy in the fact that I get to explore and expand this world on the go. This constant renewal is what keeps our customers engaged with Avi Hiaeve.”

Avi Hiaeve seems like a company that is constantly re-inventing itself. Avi’s passion has kept his company on its toes and left the competition behind. Here’s wishing him good luck.


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