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At Vikings;Broncos Preseason No Bull analysis

FINALLY, we will see a few Broncos football. Add to that the way that it didn’t suck and this fan is honestly stoked and feeling cautiously idealistic about the Broncos for the 2021 season.

That being said, it wouldn’t be a No Bull audit without certain expressions of warning: As we get geared for our season recollect that by the day’s end, this was only a preseason game. Likewise, the Vikings used far less starters than the Broncos.

This was mainly a showcase of the Bronco’s young starters having the chance to flex on a lot of 2s and 3s. We should dominate this match by a sound edge. I’m not saying it wasn’t good…I’m simply needing Broncos Country to temper their expectations dependent on this one game.


He was truly impressed by the soundness of the defense all around the field and by how much profundity the group displayed through the initial 3/4.

Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell had their folks prepared to play a lot solid cautious football that the Minnesota reinforcements couldn’t do much against.

Front 7

Shamar Stephen was dominating his person early and got a holding punishment bring in the end zone for a wellbeing. Right off the bat in the game, he was getting consistent push and pressing factor which is the thing that you expect for a person with his involvement with the preseason.

Justin Strnad looked great right off the bat in the game. He truly like the speed he brings to the ILB position. He showed the capacity to shut in a rush along the side, which is something we don’t get from Josey Jewell. I need to see a greater amount of him one week from now without a doubt and ideally against certain starters to perceive how well his game interprets.

The last person he need to specify that stood apart to me was Andre Mintze. He resembled a crude power at OLB and is a youthful person that Broncos Country should watch out for. Certainly, he beat up on reinforcements for his amazing detail line of 1 sack, 1 TFL, and 1 QH, yet there’s undeniable value in him making those sorts of plays at all on a NFL field. For an undrafted school free specialist, that is resembling a success for the front office and instructing staff. He will be a decent profundity player for the group with the opportunity to develop into a quality OLB in the following little while.


He has been needing to see Patrick Surtain II on the field since we drafted him. I was not frustrated with what I saw. He absolutely resembles the genuine article to me. He plays brilliant, fast, and realizes that where generally will be and what to do on the football field. His pick 6 in the second quarter was supreme reading material shrewd corner play watching the QB and breaking on the pass to get the pick. This is a person that might have played with the No Fly Zone and probably improved them (no offense expected, Bradley Roby).

Michael Ojemudia made some pleasant plays on Saturday early evening time including a decent elapse protection for third down. Toward the finish of the half, he was on an island with the WR and made an extraordinary pass separation. I thought Ojemudia was one of the better-looking players from our depleted optional last season, and surprisingly however he’s a lot further down the list this season, he’s actually resembling a strong cornerback that can play.

P.J. Locke was a power of nature in this game from the wellbeing position. He was all around the field and above all taking extraordinary points with timing to separate 3 passes and had one of the greatest tackle totals on the team.

The youthful guy from the optional worth watching to me was Caden Sterns who had a season-saving leave break behind in the second half. He likewise was a security who was all around the field and continually placing himself in great situations to affect plays. Players like Sterns and Mintz are the folks that advantage most from these preseason games.


There isn’t a ton dislike from this hostile exhibition. Our offense glanced more agreeable in this preseason game than I have seen them search for a very long time outside of the anomaly Panther game last year.

He thought the play calling was really strong and was a good representationl of the equation for this group having a triumphant record toward the finish of the period: set up a sound running match-up, blend in a lot of play-activity, and use the remarkable actual ability the Broncos have at the expertise positions to put focuses on the board.

It is the only one preseason game, yet caps off to Pat Shurmur for having his offense prepared to play to start off the season.


NFL: Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings

Did we learn anything about Drew Lock that we didn’t definitely know in this game? He suspect as much. In the event that he can remain on-stage as he did in this game the remainder of the year, he will be a significantly better quarterback. It was just one pass, however his profound toss to Hamler was put right where it expected to be…he needs that sort of exactness profound reliably assuming he needs to be the starter. I truly loved the play-activity roll to his right hitting Benson for a major increase in the second quarter also. His planning and ball situation were superior to what we saw keep going season from him on similar plays.

Teddy Bridgewater followed back to a significantly more manageable performance. With no stable consuming speedster taking the top off the safeguard, he drove effective drives. He covered his first drive of the second half with a beautiful blur pass for a TD to the corner.

The hard thing here with the quarterbacks is the absence of contest for them. We definitely know what sort of “game manager” kind of execution we will probably get from Teddy. He’s had a very long time to show us what he’s acceptable at and what his offenses do (which is for the most part registering down the field with a couple of large ignores matriculating over the span of a game). We likewise realize that games like this with lower quality guards playing vanilla inclusions don’t represent any sort of challenge to Lock. He beat up on this equivalent sort of protection at Carolina last season. It is the more mind boggling inclusions expecting him to advance through his peruses that cause him to look completely lost and we didn’t will see that in this game (and genuinely may not in the slightest degree this preseason).


The offensive line through 3/4 looked very good to go for the test. They kept Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater remarkably clean through the game and the second stringers totally ruled in their run blocks.

Running Backs

Javonte Williams began the game with two major runs more than 10 yards. I cherished the solid arm contact around the edge. He would have completed the drive for a TD had Jeudy not held his person outwardly run. I love a quick, incredible back like Williams. They can put enormous yards up and truly put a guard behind them. I’m elated to perceive what he does this season with the Broncos particularly in the event that we can give him a portion of the openings he saw to begin the game against the Vikings.

Royce Freeman had a truly decent raced to the external right off the bat in the second quarter. He ricochets off a fellow and goes for 10+ to set up the group for a first and objective inside the 5. He seemed as though a greatly improved back than LaVante Bellamy in this game and it is a fight worth watching.


Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers

K.J. Hamler ran a lovely intersection course behind the LB to get an extraordinary addition over the center for a 20+ yard acquire. He then, at that point brushed the top off with the enormous 80 yard TD where he made the Vikings players look senseless. There’s been a ton of senseless discussion about the Broncos committing an error in picking Hamler where they did in the draft and I think that its idiotic. He has first class speed and in the event that you can just set up promising circumstances for him with a sound running match-up and different dangers on the field, he will make some large plays for your group every single year.

Trinity Benson made a brilliant showing of making the most of his chance in this game with a ton of the Broncos ability sitting out. He captured 4 passes for 2 TDs and resembled an entirely dependable objective in the passing game. He won’t accept anybody’s position, yet a person like that is the sort of profundity fellow you need to stay close by and continue to create.

Extraordinary Teams

LaVante Bellamy might not have dazzled as a RB, however his opening shot return was really magnificent. He has an incredible blend of speed and snappiness for returns and that is possible the manner in which he guarantees his spot in the group.

Final Thoughts

Like he said before: I’m carefully idealistic. I preferred what I saw from the two sides of the ball with the Broncos and I don’t begrudge the mentors on the choices of all shapes and sizes they need to make for this list in half a month.

Everybody goes goo-goo over the quarterback rivalry and that is the place where all the quick reaction talk is this when you have a group like the Broncos that doesn’t have a genuine decent alternative for quarterback in their group. Try not to be tricked by all the promotion without a doubt. I could take this game and make convincing motivations to lean toward either QB. By the day’s end their work for a long time with the group in instructional course away from plain view (or if nothing else out of the domain of the neighborhood media) will mean undeniably more to this choice than a preseason game where the greater part the starters in the two groups don’t play.

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