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Aryaan Arora Is Going Viral On Instagram

Aryaan Arora is an American born actor who made his on-screen debut on the ABC Television Series “What Would You Do?”. “ABC” (American Broadcasting Company) is one of the biggest studios in Hollywood. Aryaan has signed contracts with Prestige Management Group in New York in January of this year.

Prestige Management Group is one of New York’s most prestigious and well known talent management companies. Going on over 10 years Prestige has worked on Film, Television and Theater projects – developing their talent and booking guest star roles, Broadway shows, feature films and national commercials.

Aryaan Arora, is currently enrolled at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he is studying drama and film-making. Furthermore, he has recently gone viral on social media with his covers which have amassed millions of views.

In fact, Armaan Malik himself tweeted and shared Aryaan’s cover of his English single “Control” saying that, “Always wanted young Indian musicians lke me to pick up the guitar and do their own thing. Check out the cover of #Control by @_aryaanarora! You have a nice vibe brother, keep it going”. This was followed by other celebrities in the music industry sharing it as well and commending Aryaan on his work.

Aryaan is currently working on his debut album and looks forward to releasing it alongside his regular covers on social media.

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