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Artist Popoffke is a one-of-a-kind talent of the 21st century

Popoffke is the newest talent in the music industry. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Popoffke whose real name is Kemar Young, is already a global hit. Read on to know more about this talented artist.

Popoffke began his journey with music at a very young age. Although most children from musically motivated households often pick up an instrument at around the same age, it is usually not coherent enough to be considered actual playing. This is where the difference lay- At only three years of age when Popoffke had not even begun going to school, he was already playing the drums. That he had a talent for it was an undeniable fact and as for the matter of his age- when people heard that Popoffke was only three years old, they were visibly surprised and compare his skills to that of a 10-year-old. You could say that this was God’s sign that Popoffke was headed for a future in music.

By the time he finished high school, Popoffke had learnt to play almost all the instruments that existed under the sun. However, this was not really something that Popoffke wanted to pursue as a career. Although he definitely had a talent for it, a future as a professional pianist or guitarist did not really appeal to him. Instead, his focus was more on making songs as a whole in which he would both sing and play the music. To do this Popoffke knew that he needed to update his technical skills even further and he took up learning how to compose on the computer.

Initially, he was a bit overwhelmed by the humongous number of resources there are on the internet about this subject. However, with a bit of practice and a lot of sleepless nights Popoffke had figured out his way around mixing and creating music. The next few months of his life were spent hooked to the computer, with headphones around his neck at all times. Popoffke reveals that the process became fairly frustrating at times, but he knew better than to give up on such a long-standing passion. Soon enough, with consistent hard work and patience, Popoffke finally got his reward in the form of his first composition. It was a song that he had produced and sung himself, aka, a 100% his own effort.

Since then, he has only been increasing his portfolio by creating songs that span diverse sounds and styles. Popoffke is influenced by many different genres of music such as hip-hop, rap and R&B and uses a unique mix of these to create his own sound. This knowledge on how to properly compliment and put together different styles to create one amazing final product is something that only comes from having a lot of experience with music. And Popoffke is obviously a perfect example of having experience. Popoffke has made this innovative style into his own genre; Coupled with his melodious voice and thoughtful lyrics all his songs are absolute bangers.

His latest song “Chasing Dreams” is testimony to the above statement. In the past two weeks since its release, Popoffke has already received over 30,000 streams with a huge increase in his fan base. Go check out the official music video on YouTube and maybe you will join them too!

Check out his new song here :


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