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Arjuna Award – Consideration for new games?

Aditya Ganeshwade has been considered and nominated for Arjuna Award for the last 5 years consistently for his outstanding performance and records in Rollball game. Being the only Rollball player to be nominated for this game, has made everyone look upon him as an inspiration and help take this game to new heights globally.

Aditya is an International Rollball player and has represented India in 5 consecutive World Championships in which India has won 4 consecutive times and once stood as runners-up. Considering this, he has been the most consistent performer of the Indian team for more than a decade.
And for his spectacular performance at World Championship, he was awarded as the ‘Best player for 2013, 2015, and 2017’ and was also the highest goal scorer of 2013 & 2017 World Championships. Also holding the record of all-time highest goal scorer in the World Championship. Aditya also holds the record for being the only player to score 122 International goals. With consistent performance and showcasing qualities of good leadership, sportsmanship, and discipline with the team, he has been the captain of the ‘Indian National Team’ in the 2017 and 2019 World Cup, where India won the World Cup.

Despite showing a spectacular graph of performance and contribution in the game, Aditya has somewhat been unlucky when it comes to being recognized for the Arjuna Award. Getting nominated for the Arjuna Award is what every sportsperson desires. But getting nominated for consecutive 5 years and still not making up the chart can be disheartening to any player. If players like Aditya coming from different sports backgrounds apart from cricket and football; are recognized and awarded for their contribution in their particular game; then it can a motivational factor for many young enthusiasts, talented players who look upon them as an inspiration. Also, such awards for talented players can help create a good global image for the particular game and motivate International players to even perform better.

Aditya this year, will be nominated for the ‘2022 Arjuna Award’. With this being the 6th nomination, everyone is confident as he has kept no stone unturned and is hoping for his consideration based on points, performance, and amount of work done over a decade. We wish him the best of luck!

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